Successful on-time Commissioning of the 3rd Fe-Si Project by Kahanroba

Potash Project

Aghdareh Gold Project


KAHANROBA, with more than 30 years experience in Innovation and know-how development, was established in January 1990. Although KAHANROBA is the proposed pension definition for electromagnetic, the company is originally a process developer, a company which is a technology provider.

KAHANROBA is a private company with almost less than 100 employees; whom are occupied in a wide variety of positions.

KAHANROBA was the first leading company which could design and construct the viability of producing zinc ingot out of Angouran ROM in a pilot; the mine which is one of the well-reputable lead/zinc resources in the world. The metal is mainly reserved in oxide zone.

The process know how for producing zinc out of Angouran ROM was then localized and several process plants were designed and commissioned. Hence, Iran which used to import more than 50,000 tpa zinc ingot, could produce it all in house. Besides, by overtake of production upon need, there were opportunities for export as well.

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Adding value to the industry, either in the execution phase of a new project or the renovation of an existing plant, through innovative & creative solutions applied to the state-of-the-art situations, based on our following core values:

  •  High Quality Services
  • High Level of Ethics & Integrity
  • High Degree of Sustainability

through our supreme team spirit maximizing the benefits of any of our stakeholders.